Recorded June 2013

After a long time between mixes, Ed Mazur returns with another eclectic deep house mix, featuring artists such as Audiojack, Lovebirds, and more. Featuring his original track, "Nossa Amor", with vocals by Michelle Gascoigne.


Take Flight

Recorded January 2012

The latest mix by Ed Mazur continues his signature blend of diverse house styles, from the deeper shades of Chuck Love and Vernon, to deep tech of Lovebirds, and German tech house from Ellen Allien. Showcasing the latest release on House on the Hill , "Gravity's Pull" with remixes by Brett Johnson and Emanate.

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Light After Dark

Recorded January 2011

"Light After Dark" kicks off on the deeper side of house with Giom before veering into more underground flavors of Lovebirds and JML. A quick detour into some rock and reggae influenced house follows, leading up to a return of the deeper grooves. A great Tensnake track seemingly wraps it all up until a "surprise" track pops up during the fade out. Featuring Giom's chart topping remix of my track, "It's All About", released on House on the Hill.

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Open Up

Recorded June 2010

It's a bit long since my last mix, but the wait has been worth it! \"Open Up\\\" maintains a focus solidly on house, yet still ebbs and flows between different moods, grooves, and energies while never getting too hard or dark. Featuring my new productions \"Another Day\\\" and \"It's All About\\\" fresh from the studio!

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Recorded November 2009

A bit different from my recent mixes, this one leans mostly toward moody deep tech sounds, while still offering enough funk and soul to satisfy the house heads. Featuring my original tracks, \"Tempt Me\\\" and \"Recovery\\\".

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Step Inside

Recorded June 2009

Kicking off with an innovative deep house track, quickly progressing to a few monster funky house tracks, then descending into a bit of tech house craziness and coming back around to finish on a remix of an old soul track. Featuring my original tracks, "GT" and "Crossfire"


What Goes Around

Recorded March 2009

Featuring no less than four of my original tracks and hitting the full range of sounds. Featuring \"View From Within\\\" from the third House on the Hill release. This was my Winter Music Conference 09 promo mix.

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