Disco Knights … Disco’s Need Lasers!
Saturday 7/27/13

Disco Knights presents: Disco's Need Lasers!

Our final hurray before we hit the dusty desert! Come hang out and support one of your favorite sound camps, hear some of your favorite DJs in an intimate setting and have a nice dance ... and you know we'll have some disco balls and lasers!!


Anthony Mansfield (Green Gorilla / Hector Works)

Bo (Deep Blue)

Ed Mazur (House On The Hill)

Jimmy B (Green Gorilla / Monarch)

Johnnie Walker (Bionic)

M3 (Green Gorilla / Monarch)

Fil Latorre (Housepitality / Staple)

Ron Elder (Mag 7)

Rusty Williams (Tight)

Sesh aka Michael Perry (Disco Balls & Lasers)

Shiny Objects (Om)

Sneak-E Pete (Blunted Funk)
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