Ed Mazur and Laron – Toys and Grooves


Released: 10/28/2008

House on the Hill proudly brings you the "Toys and Grooves EP", with two killer releases this month by San Francisco based label owner and producer Ed Mazur. Joining him is SWAN, also known as Laron, who has had successful releases on many labels, including Classic, Sunburn, Deep House Project, and Golden Gate Recordings, and is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Robbie Hardkiss on "Champagne Beat Boogie". Ed Mazur is a regular on the San Francisco club scene and well known for playing large parties at Burning Man camps such as Green Gorilla Lounge, Gravity Point, and Opulent Temple and for his remixes of Radiohead and Beck. Joining them on "Supergroove" is Emily Fox , an upcoming vocalist and DJ from San Francisco who provided the vocals on the first House on the Hill release, "One Love Non Stop".

These two tracks feature live instrumentation and vocals fused with electronic instruments and seamlessly blend underground sounds with commercial accessibility. Catchy choruses and driving verses take things to a whole new level, while SWAN's guitar and bass work shines throughout with its distinctive funk styling. These should appeal to fans of Free Range, Om, Hudd Trax, and Tango, and have have been played by many of the best San Francisco DJs including M3, Mikey Tello, Linden C, Seven, Greg Eversoul, and many others.

A) Tracy's Toy Funky house with more than a little bit of rock n roll, this guitar heavy, vocal driven track has proved itself on the dancefloor too many times to count. With live electric bass, groovy percussion, and a memorable chorus line, this one really stands out. "You know you want it, You Know you need it....."

AA) Supergroove (featuring Emily Fox) Emily Fox's vocals soar and "make you sweat without makin' a move" behind minimal funky guitar and a nasty electric bass. It all leads up to a "not your everyday" breakdown with organs and air synths paving the way. The arrangement as a whole ebbs and flows, bucking any predictability.

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