Ed Mazur (featuring Alexandra Lojek) – It’s All About (remixes by Giom and Laron aka Swan)


Released: 10/18/10

Ed Mazurʼs latest track “Itʼs All About” featuring Orange County, CA based vocalist Alexandra Lojek and will be paired up with remixes by Giom and Laron aka Swan. Giom, based in London, has been one of the top remixers of the last few years. His remix of Vernon & Dacostaʼs “As Darkness Falls” is arguably one of the biggest Underground House cuts of 2007. His first solo EP, “People Ep” was then released in July 2007 on San Franciscoʼs Motion Music and quickly went to number 1 at both Primal Records and Juno Records best sellers chart that went to number 2 of the Stompy.com top 100 download chart. More recently, both his “Stolen Soul EP” and his remix of NU- Soul singer Natalie Williams (U Donʼt Know – Aroma Recordings) topped the Juno Recordsʼ House chart, with both being licensed to various compilations, such as Olivier Desmet & Inland Knights ʻ San Francisco Sessions on Om Records, and Mark Farinaʼs brand new Fabric 40 Mix CD. For this release, expect a slighter harder sound than you might associate with Giom.

Laron aka Swan is a longtime San Francisco DJ and producer, now based in Chicago. His tracks have appeared on labels such as Classic, Sunburn, Bounce House, and many others. His production feature high energy beats with funky bass lines. His remix features a chugging acid line with deep pads and hard hitting vocals.

Finally, the original mix - Alongside a driving electric bass and thick kick drum, a wah wah Rhodes and Alexandraʼs soaring vocals trade off throughout, constantly evolving in new directions throughout the track.


Jay West – “giom mix is a nice groovy tune”
Fred Everything – “Really feeling Giomʼs remix. Canʼt wait to play this on the weekend. !    thx!”
Andy Riley (Inland Knights) – ” gioms remix all the way for me”
Massimo DaCosta – ” giomʼs remix ... love it”
Soul Minority – ” Great EP, great track, love all versions... Will play ... Thanks !”
Da Sunlounge – “ep Giom does it again!!! A+”
Miles Maeda – ” more funky fun with GIOM! also loving the orig.”
DJ Heather – ” Diggin the orig and Giomʼs retouch. Good stuff.”
Chuck Love – “Sick deep track, loving the Giom and the original! Great vibe, moody and !    infectious.”
Jason Hodges – ” Giom mix is the cut!”
Joshua Heath – “great work all around on this ep. cheers!”
Nick Holder -” Giom Remix is dope! All mixes are quality. Thanks for sending!”
Deepchild – “Yeah, the original hits the spot. Overtones of Luomo make my day..:)”
Larry Fives - “gioms mix is ace!!”
Still Rob G - “Feeling the subtlety of the vocal with that acid groove on Laron's
mix. Nice party-vibe uptempo deep house”
Mr. K-Alexi & King Lion - “swan remix is hot and will be big room fav so be prepare to see that take off”
Robbie Hardkiss - “love the swan breakdown”

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