Ed Mazur – Gravity’s Pull (remixes by Brett Johnson and Emanate)

Motorcitysoul - mr brett johnson's delivering the kkrrayyzinezz! a weird jacking something, love it!
Chris Fortier - loving everything brett johnson is touching lately
Jay Tripwire - Good wierd Meeninahl from good ole Brett.. Will rock this sucka out in darkened rooms.
Luke Solomon - Killer!
Joshua Heath - Brett really handles his shit, love the spooky chug on his mix.
Larry Fives - GO BRETT!! techy bounce house tightness. lovely beats and swing,
Justin Harris - Thanks for this ep :)) - brett's mix is the one for me !
Diz - Mr. Brett Johnson always gives the BOOMPTY Texas stylee!!! Mucho Respect!!!
Andy Riley - tasty! More Info

Ed Mazur (featuring Alexandra Lojek) – It’s All About (remixes by Giom and Laron aka Swan)

Jay West – “giom mix is a nice groovy tune”
Fred Everything – “Really feeling Giomʼs remix. Canʼt wait to play this on the weekend. !    thx!”
Andy Riley (Inland Knights) – ” gioms remix all the way for me”
Massimo DaCosta – ” giomʼs remix ... love it”
Da Sunlounge – “ep Giom does it again!!! A+”
Miles Maeda – ” more funky fun with GIOM! also loving the orig.”
DJ Heather – ” Diggin the orig and Giomʼs retouch. Good stuff.”
Chuck Love – “Sick deep track, loving the Giom and the original! Great vibe, moody and !    infectious.”
Joshua Heath – “great work all around on this ep. cheers!”
Nick Holder -” Giom Remix is dope! All mixes are quality. Thanks for sending!” More Info

Ed Mazur – View From Within

View From Within 460x460
Giom - "Cool release here!! Will give both these a try, the tribal vibe reminds me of Mastiksoul"
Andy Riley - "Sung Zvin pick here I think" Newby /Da Sunlounge "Sung Zvin is the one I like the most..."
Aurelio Cianciotta "a massive and deep sound"
Murray Richardson - "straight up house kit from ed mazur - solid!!!!"
DJ Phil T "love the tough grooves and vocal stabs"
Nicc Johnson - "nice deep tech sounds....will test it out this week. diggin both tracks"
DJ Felix JR - "Fantastic House & deep"
Alexandre Klimow "Waouh ! Both tracks are "dancefloor fillers or killers" ! Just love it !"
Dan Sykes - "More of this please! Fantastically refreshing sounds"
Jean Jerome - "Original tracks right here!!! It's not deep, hard or tech, it's sounds SF! I like the groove in the tracks" More Info

Ed Mazur and Laron – Toys and Grooves

Toys and Ggrooves cover art

Culture Culture

Culture Culture Cover copy
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